“Experience and technology for reliable communications during and prior to emergencies.”

Welcome to Nevada County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) – Our purpose is to provide emergency communications for agencies within the county when normal communications fail or as a communications supplement when needed. We also provide communications to many special events within our county.

Tune in every Thursday night at 1930 hours on 147.285MHz, plus offset, pl of 151.4 or 136.5. From Truckee, use 147.570 MHz simplex or 223.82MHz, minus offset, pl of 100.0. For packet radio operators that wish to check in to our Thursday evening net, you can check-in by connecting to the GVCITY BBS on either 145.050 or 144.910. Send an email message to K6TM (richviz@gmail.com) with subject of ‘NET CHECK-IN’ Check-ins accepted 12 hours in advance of the net.