Join Us

Thank you for your interest in joining ARES. We supply amateur radio communications for emergencies, and community events such as races, parades, bike-a-thons, and other events in Nevada county. In order to join our team you must meet the following requirements. You must be a licensed amateur radio operator. You must be willing to submit to a criminal history check. You can not be a convicted felon. Certain misdemeanor crimes may also disqualify you. Within 90 days of joining you must complete FEMA courses IS-100b and IS-700a. If you fail to complete them, you will not be allowed to continue as a member. We encourage our members to complete additional FEMA courses beyond these minimum requirements.

All ARES members must also make some level of commitment. Members are expected to participate on a regular basis by checking into the weekly nets and participating in drills and exercises when possible.

Applicants should be aware that emergency and community events can require you to work a number of various situations. You may be asked to work from home on a base station, or asked to work from a mobile station. You could also find yourself in the field under varying conditions; some hazardous. You may also be asked to travel to other counties within the section for the purpose of mutual aid.

To apply for ARES local membership please visit the new Ares Connect Volunteer web site at the following address; Ares Volunteer Hub , where you will be asked to create an account. After registration is complete the county emergency coordinator will receive an email to approve your assignment to Nevada County ARES!