Neighborhood Radio Watch

Nevada County ARES – Neighborhood Radio Watch Advisory Program

“At first I was a little hesitant. I could see the value but wasn’t sure it would work for our community. However, after our recent snow storm, I am convinced.  If we had already set up our program, it would have resulted in getting help to people much earlier. The ARES Radio Advisory service assisted us in all aspects of the program.  We are now expanding the program to all residents and it is being accepted with enthusiasm. This is another tool in keeping our Firewise community safer and I would certainly recommend it for all Firewise communities.”

Vicki Deam, Chair, Greenhorn Firewise Community

Why is Neighborhood Backup Radio Communications important

  • During a fire, extreme weather, or other local emergency
    • Cell phones/texting/phone lines/internet may/will go down;
    • You will need a way to stay updated on current status/evacuations/etc.
  • Tubbs Fire:  57% of cell phone towers failed.
  • Camp Fire: 56% of emergency alert calls failed.
  • Radio backup could save your life.

Who is ARES?

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Services – (volunteer organization)
  • Members are licensed Amateur Radio Operators
  • Experts in radio communications
  • Provides emergency communications for Nevada County and Red Cross

Nevada County ARES Neighborhood Radio Watch Advisory Service

  • FREE Service to the community
  • Goal:  Help neighborhoods setup emergency backup radio communications
  • We provide presentations and customized hands-on sessions
  • Work with groups of 5 to 20 homes
    • Interested neighborhoods
  • We will help you with:
    • How to use radios for neighborhood communication
    • What equipment to buy
    • Where to buy it
    • How to get licensed
    • Equipment setup 
    • How to use the radios – “hands on”
  • ARES receives no compensation for this Advisory Program

Downloadable Tri-fold Brochures in PDF Format

If you have questions or want to engage with us: Contact Us


These articles and short videos from around California provide examples of what we are offering: 

Programming Files

Radio Programming Files. This .zip file contains files for the Wouxun KG-805G, KG-935G, as well as .xls and .csv files.