Net Control

Nevada County ARES nets are held at 1930 hrs local every Thursday, except as noted below.

Western Nevada County – Central147.285 + 151.4
Western Nevada County – Central441.250 PL 77.0 
Western Nevada County – Outlying147.285 + 136.5
Truckee / Donner / Blue Canyon147.570 simplex (no PL)
Truckee / Donner / Reno223.820 – 100.0

Week #



Cal McKitrickAI6MC




Peter MasonN6ERL


Joby SouzaKW6DEF


A reminder to the Net Control stations: If you are unable to do your assigned shift, you must make arrangements with another Controller to cover your shift.

*NOTE: The 3rd Thursday is generally an in-person meeting that takes place at 1900 hrs at the Salvation Army Meeting Room, 10725 Alta Street, Grass Valley, CA [cancelled during the 2020-2021 pandemic]. All visitors are welcome to attend. Although it is a meeting night, an abbreviated net will take place at 1930 hrs. All check-ins are welcome.

Net Control Script

This is CALL-NAME One minute ‘til Net.   Are there Any Early Check-ins?

Good Evening, this is CALL-NAME , Net Control for the Nevada County ARES NET for this Thursday, MONTH-YEAR.

This is a controlled net, and regular users are asked to please stand by.

If there is emergency traffic, please indicate so with a call of “BREAK – BREAK”. A “double-break” indicates emergency traffic, and the net will hold until the emergency is finished, or can be moved to another frequency.

From Grass Valley, and the greater western Nevada County area, this net operates on a frequency of 147.285 MHz, plus offset, and a PL of 151.4.

From some outlining areas of Western Nevada County you may use a PL of 136.5. From Truckee this net can be heard on a frequency of 147.570, simplex. Also from Truckee, as well as Reno, Tahoe, and the greater Donner area, this net can be heard on the 223.82 machine, with a minus offset, and a PL of 100.0. There is also a 440 link to the Grass Valley repeater on the 441.250 frequency with a PL of 77.0 

Persons interested in becoming an ARES member are asked to visit our web site at, NEVADACOUNTYARES.ORG. Click on the “Join ARES” link at the top of the page and from there you will find a link to register at the ARRL Ares Connect website.

The net welcomes announcements of interests. Are there any announcements for the net?

At this time, I will begin calling the roll.

N6ERLMason, Peter10/19/18General
W6DLODeLaOssa, Jeremiah1/30/12General
AB6LIEverson, JohnExtra
KE6FIQHart, JohnGeneral
KZ6BJames, Alan03/11/14Extra
AI6MCMcKitrick, Cal11/19/14Extra
KF6DQUPekarek, John07/20/13Extra
WA6NHNTardif, Henry04/26/16Advanced
KK6CUGWagner, Jeff09/10/13General
K6YINWarner, Ray01/13/18Extra
KB6FMZWoldseth, Jan08/07/06General
KI6UOV Miller, Richard 04/02/18 Technician
K6LRLLata, Larry10/07/18Extra
KJ6HNPEaton Jason08/11/16General
K6BRBGustavson, Barb06/26/19General
KM6DVTBarre, Jim01/25/19General
N6ZPODeNegri, Robin11/16/18Technician
N6PVITriolo, Mark08/08/19General
KW6DEFJoby Souza09/19/19Technician
KN6CTLHenry Maisler09/23/19Technician
AJ6OHMartin Twer04/24/20Technician

Are there are any late or missed member check-ins? If so, come now, please.

At this time, the net would like to take check-ins from any allied served agencies. Are there any served agency members from Red Cross, Salvation Army, Hospitals, County or State OESs that would like to check in?  If so, please come now.

The Nevada County ARES net encourages guest check-ins.  Are there any guests wishing to check in at this time?

Hearing none/no more, the Net would like to thank those who checked in and the regular users for standing by.  The Net would also like to thank the repeater control operators for their assistance.

Please visit us on the web at NEVADACOUNTYARES.ORG

This concludes the Nevada County ARES Net for this evening.

This is NET CONTROL CALL-NAME, now returning the repeaters to normal operation. Everyone have a good evening.