GMRS “Radio For The Rest of Us”

El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC) to introduce local GMRS “Radio For The Rest of Us” safety programs

The Mountain Democrat, just recently published a story on the front page of their December 09 edition about the efforts by our El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club (EDCARC) to introduce local GMRS “Radio For The Rest of Us” safety programs in some of our area’s Fire Safe Councils:

Although there were a few minor typos and mis-quotes in the article, we appreciated the tremendous positive PR this has generated for the Club and for local Community Safety efforts.
The El Dorado County Amateur Radio 
Best Regards, Alan Thompson – W6WN 

Agency Predicts Heavy Wildfire Season Along West Coast

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) – Most of the country can expect a normal wildfire season but residents along the West Coast of the United States should be ready for another busy season, the National Interagency Fire Center said Wednesday…
The Boise, Idaho-based center said a heavy crop of grasses and fine fuels has developed across California and should elevate fire potential as it dries through the summer

First Responder Network – First Net

Thanks Alan for sending this along. First Net is dedicated emergency services phone and data network on 700Mhz.

Amateur operators can continue to provide valuable information to emergency operations centers in the recovery phase of disasters,” he said. “Whether that intelligence gathering is reporting on storm clouds, power outages, or road closures, amateurs can help provide critical, real-time information about conditions over a vast area. While first responders are treating the injured or protecting life and property, the amateur community can concentrate on assessing the overall picture.”

The hype about broadband should not result in amateurs inadvertently being swept under the rug,” Haller stressed. “Be sure the public safety organizations never forget how valuable the amateurs are!”

First Net